Tiny thoughts on Covid19, taken from @insilicogenesis on Twitter

On a quite separate note, Oxford is only my old uni after all, and Dylan was safely born at the uni’s hospital. As much as I hope for the success of the uni’s vaccine candidate currently ongoing, just some minor concerns if I may share them here..  ♥my old uni not bad at this. ♥

70% of people developed a fever? With this coronavirus, the first screening point is a body temperature above 37.5 degrees in Celsius.. Plus headache? How different is their side effect from the mild symptoms of Covid19 then? The foremost screening is the mild fever with Covid19..

So their vector is a pathogenic virus in Chimp? That’s very close to human. Because we have this situation due to a zoonotic capacity of an animal virus, which should not have affected any ethnicity of the human race in principle but it did.

And they worried about that possibility enough to heavily modify their chosen pathogenic virus, genetically, to put that in human body? This is rushed because we need a vaccine? How much testing is done, about those genetic modifications done to this disease-causing Chimp virus?

If those are no cause for concerns at all and just little me fussing over potential dangers, there was this webinar on this virus in the spring from the US. Covid19 is capable of bypassing Spike protein to invade host cells. It doesn’t have to rely on that protein to attack us.

— The above thread was printed on Twitter, dated 23/Jul/2020.



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