This blog is the supernatant of what’s been boggling inside for a while. There have been brilliant scientists in many corners of the world on related topics and little doubt for the continuation of the driving force in this field.

In Silico Genesis is part of the new breeze joining the Start-Up Britain of 2011, taking the plunge of “Go for it!”.

This current stage is more like the fertilized egg which is tentatively being implanted in the cyber presence as well as in the real world.  Stay with us and you shall enjoy this butterfly stirring the abdomen area coming out formidably for the better of the world. God is good, all the time. In Silico Genesis give praise and thanks to the Almighty Creator Saviour God, for everything He has done for ISG and the good things that He has in store for ISG in the future.

Without the Almighty God and one human, In Silico Genesis would not be the same. For that, I am so grateful to Jesus Christ, my Saviour Creator God and Dr. Mark Treherne of Cambridge, England, with all my heart. From Kimberley Treherne, xxx


URL: http://www.insilicogenesis.com
E-mail: info@insilicogenesis.com.
Tel: +44 (0)7711190718,  +82 (0)10 7212 1620 (Branch in the Far East)
Registered in England and Wales No. 07587654.

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