That’s how I looked, when Mark first visited me at home in Oxford.. Been a while since then. My hair has grown quite a bit behind.. šŸ™‚

Our small work on giving & sharing.

Ever since, he guided me and helped me with the small givings and where to those little coffee money could best go, throughout, till today..

It is not about the amount he taught me, which humbled me, as i would do really small each time but the continuity that you do with your little heart may count more..

A little goes a long way, as it were.. šŸ™‚

Charities we cherish.

Wintercomfort in Cambridge, England.

Wildwood Trust in Kent, England.

World Vision in UK

Walk with us

In Our Journey forward.

ASSAY, BIOINFORMATICS, Cell Lines, Drug discovery, Ecosystem for Commercialisation, Genomics, Screening, Stem Cells, & Translational Medicine.

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